When saying I'll pray for you isn't enough

This blog post has been building up for quite sometime now. Someone posted something on Facebook that got me thinking about it even more. I write this with caution because I am learning as well. I'm not perfect and I'm not preaching. I'm no preacher! Thank goodness I wasn't  called to be one either! They go through so much and have to deal with a lot of stuff. They have to be thick skinned to do what they do. I'm so thankful though for all he pastors who have played a part in my life. 

I read a very good point today. How is it that you can get support, someone to lean on, someone to truly be there in secular settings but in church we tend to get the quick "I'll pray for you" and "God Bless you" as they change the subject and  talk about something else that's happy or funny.  I'm not saying this is the case for everyone or every church. I'm not calling anything or anyone out-this is just generally speaking. I hear people (and recently) say this.  It can also be the opposite too where it's in church and not in secular settings. 

My reply was.... Most people want easy. People don't want to be inconviencied. If someone is going through a hard time it becomes "heavy". Not everyone wants to deal with "heavy". I personally think character and integrity are shown when people genuinely put others before themselves especially in the busy times we are in and truly act out how Jesus would. He was not a selfish person. (obviously) It's not about depending on people more than Him either. People will always fail us-it's a given. No one is perfect.  However we need fellowship.  We need each other to lean on, not just in good seasons but especially the hard ones. The bible even states 

Proverbs 27:17New Living Translation (NLT)

 As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.

Sometimes saying I'll pray for you just isn't enough.  

Plain and simple. Sometimes someone might need that hug, someone might need your shoulder to cry on, someone might need that hand written note that you took the time to mail them. (Sadly a lost art) Someone might just need you to listen, they might need to verbally know your there for them. Our society has relationships with social media and their phones more then physical interaction now a days. Sometimes telling someone you'll pray for them on Facebook isn't enough. 

Jesus was physical. He was hands on. Now I know times are different now, trust me I know. People get busy-it's easier to text I know.I do it and I do a lot of my business stuff on social media. It drives my sales for brand repping, my make up and my photography so I need it, I love sharing things in my life too however I know if Jesus was walking the earth today He would still be the same. He wouldn't type I'll pray for you-He would physically do it. How do I know that because this verse says it. 

Hebrews 13:8King James Version (KJV)

8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.

Take this scenario: More people tend to show up at highlight reels, exciting and fun times in life where as you may only have 5 show up during someone's struggle or hardship. I mean really show up. Physically like Jesus would.  Being the hands and feet of Jesus takes your time, it takes your service. 

A testimony from myself. When I was a teenager and going through a hard time I had stopped going to church. Just stopped. Didn't tell anyone. It was a Saturday and the weather was beautiful. I was in my pj's, hair in a bun and was doing laundry in the laundry mat of the apartments we lived in. I walked out to head back to my apartment to see a group of familiar faces walking towards me. Some leaders and non-leaders came to my "house" to ask me how I was doing and to tell me they missed me. I lived about 30 min from the church I attended then.,These were teenagers and I think one or two in their early 20's who took time out of their Saturday to come see me?! To ask how I was and that they missed me?! I will never forget that moment. They even prayed out loud with me.  At the time I was being rebellious and probably had an attitude but I am forever grateful for that moment. The imprint they left on my heart still remains to this day. 

Please know I'm not saying I'm perfect in this area because I'm not. God is working on my heart with this. Sometimes people need you to walk with them through their messiness. That's what Jesus was ALL about. He stuck with the messy hurt people.  He didn't pick and choose. 

This has been on my heart lately because I want to be that person. The shoulder that's cried on, the one who verbally says I'm there for you, the one who hand writes a note and mails it, someone that will hug you, someone who will just listen without judgement. The one who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will do more than just say or type I'll pray for you if your hurting or going through a hard season.  Life is short, we aren't promised tomorrow and none of us are  excempt from it. So how can you be the hands and feet of Jesus today? How can you draw closer to who He is? I've had pressure on my shoulders this last year but it's brought me to my knees, where I should be. It's been a "hell" of a year.  If some of you tried to walk in my shoes you would either fall the first step or die so I don't need critisim from the peanut gallery 😉  My life has been anything but easy! You can read my testiomony here and there's still more coming.  He's pruned me more than ever this last year and removed things from my life that weren't growing me. Which is a good thing! I'm excited to share that season soon and what He has done. 

I could not be more thankful for my husband and kids during my trial. Those 3 are the greatest blessings God has ever given me. My rocks for sure.  Especially during the season Im in. They constantly help me gain the right perspective when I lose sight of it. We aren't perfect either though. I'm not portraying a "perfect" life. I got T-Rex on my girls today because they wouldn't listen to me and we might be a team and Brian might try to rope the moon for me  but we do get on each other's nerves with certain things. Especially this last year. We both have grown SO much spiritually though.  We may not have it all in life but we do have each other.  


Im not at all saying it's bad. Prayer is powerful. If you do it . It might be all some can say to you however........ 

 But Lets be real.... Sometimes *saying* I'll pray for you isn't enough.