Tough Tigress Challenge

The 6 weeks of the "Tough Tigress Challenge" has come to an end. It was 6 weeks of getting stronger and working towards my two personal fitness goals.  

My first one was working on my tummy area. I have tried so hard on this area and have noticed a significant difference in general over the last few years but really wanted To go at this hard during the challenge.

My second goal was to be able to do a strict pull-up without the assistance of a band.  

We had to cut out most processed and boxed foods. We were allowed to do protein mix as long as it was a clean protein with no additives. If we wanted to eat bread it could only be Ezekiel sprouted bread. My water intake had to be 64 oz of water per day. Each week we were given homework to do and had to report to our coach at the end of the week. The beginning of the challenge we (as a group) had to do two specific WODS and a 1-min calorie row. Our goal was to beat our times by the end of challenge and thankfully I was able too!!. My weekly homework consisted of lifting myself on the bar holding for 3 seconds and coming down slowly,  Barbell rows, push-ups, rear delt flys, russian twists and ring rows just to name a few.  The first week we had to log our food and let our coach know. Overall I did good but some situations made it hard and I gave in. Not to mention this month was my 30th birthday, mother's Day and my daughters birthday. So eating nothing completely processed was a bit hard for me.  While I didn't see a huge change in my tummy area I am noticing more toned muscles on my upper belly area. The lower seems to be a tough spot especially after having my beautiful kids. 

As far as the strict pull-up I still have to use a band however I am now able to use a lighter one. Progress is progress and overall I am happy. Change doesn't happen over night. It's a slow gradual process and I'm still glad I was able to do this and notice a difference from when I started. I'm still going to work on my tummy area and continue to work on my pull-ups. I can definitely envision both so I know I can do this! While I do embrace my mommy body I don't ever want to get comfortable and stop working on it. Even if I have my little beautiful pooch the rest of my life at least I know I tried ;) 

At 30 years old I have never felt better! I love that my girls have this example at such a young age. Working out for me is empowering. I feel great and love everything about it. While my eating habits have drastically changed over the years and we do much better than we did I still have my moments and believe in balance. 

I am thankful my sweet coaches put this challenge on and help keep us accountable. That's what I love about my workout groups. We push each other to help us become stronger physically and spiritually. 

XOXO, Jenn  

This is just a few of us who did the challenge ;)  

This is just a few of us who did the challenge ;)  

I'm still using a band here but glad I am now able to use a lighter one.  

I'm still using a band here but glad I am now able to use a lighter one.