Sweet Water Decor Gift Idea

I absolutely LOVE Sweet Water Decor's printable's!!! They are just gorgeous! I recently got the floral Trust in the Lord one.  Not only will I hang it in our room but I printed a bunch on card stock. Tonight I have a sweet friend's birthday dinner and I thought this would be perfect for her house and so encouraging to her. I saw this gold frame and immediately thought it was great for this printable and I just LOVE gold ;)

I also had these blank thank you cards from Target but I can also use it for any occasion! I cut the very bottom off the part that said thank you and you would never know! ;) I couldn't decide if I wanted gold and white ribbon or tulle but I decided to go with the tulle to put around it. 

I know she's going to love it! =)

You can order Sweet Water Decor's printables  here. She will send you a link to download and it's super easy!!


XOXO, Jenn