Soul Revival

I’m so excited to get to share about the cutest little Southern boutique located in Manchester Tennessee. Brooke, the owner named her shop Soul Revival because Revival -means to bring to life, an awakening and Soul-is the spirit within us. 

She says, “Soul Revival is what our world so desperately needs and we strive to make a positive impact on others less fortunate than us.” 

She prays over every order and she also gives back to numerous missions. So if your looking for places to shop this is one you’ll want to shop at! 

Her shop is the absolute cutest and I love that she is serving our Heavenly Father and shining his light bright through this business. 


Here are two outfits that I have from her shop: Mustard  High/low maxi top (also comes in a vibrant pink!) 


Be sure to check out Soul Revival for your next outfit!  ;)