A no pizza party? What!?

December 22, 2014

Last weekend I had a cute little PJ party with a few friends. We hung out in our PJ's, drank crock pot hot chocolate and a few snacks. My friend Sarah who happens to create awesome dishes made us a RAW salad and a walnut lentil spread with crackers. This is her specialty and what she does for a living. She got this recipe from her manager but did an amazing job at creating it for us herself.

We laughed saying why aren't we just ordering a pizza?! What PJ party doesn't have pizza right? =) Especially since there is a Domino's close by. We thought it would be fun to try something different and learn a new recipe.  Since we were doing healthy why not go all in. One of my friends there is having to detox from Gluten so *almost* everything was Gluten free.

I had Glutino lemon wafers, specialty marshmallows, organic peppermint candy canes with no artificial dyes, cocoa pita chips and organic cocoa for the hot chocolate. All purchased at Whole Foods.

The salad and the walnut lentil spread was pretty much "farm to table". It was 100 percent RAW and made from scratch.

Yes below is the salad. This was basically for presentation purposes and how it would look if she were working an event. When we ate it we did pile it on our plates ;) It was so delicious!


The walnut lentil spread being made here was amazing! We used sesame seed and rice crackers for this

As we were eating it we DID still contemplate that yummy pizza ;)


A PJ party wouldn't be complete without a back drop. I mean I am a photographer and all.

My grandmother had actually purchased a long thick table cloth that I used and then I purchased a gold door decoration that I hung infront of it. Viola! A cute little photo back drop.

My daughter (who is 5) enjoyed our little party and took this photo for us. She had so much fun and was so excited to be with mommy at the PJ party.


The evening ended with a fun round of catch phrase.

Christmas is a perfect time to host a cute little party like this. We had a great time =)