What if your blessings come through raindrops?

December 27, 2014


I am so excited to say that the winner of my "12 days of Christmas" giveaway is Kerith Stanton's mother. Kerith nominated her to get a photo session with her two grandkids.


Here is apart of Kerith's email to me:


"Like many mama's she rarely takes time to make herself feel beautiful or special. I'd love for her to see her gorgeous self the way we all see her". Even after losing my Dad last year, my mom has continued to do so much for other people...she has even started a widows support group in our church. She takes care of other widows, reminding them they still have so much to live for and enjoy in life."


Much prayer and thought went into who would be chosen so I want to thank those that nominated someone. I appreciate you sharing your stories and will most certainly be doing more giveaways like this in the future.


With that being said I also am offering my services to a project called, "Create Love Project". Heather with Jagger photography created this to help others who are having a hard time in life for various reasons. photographs ( I think) can certainly help people find beauty through the pain.

For instance, Christmas seems to be the hardest for me when remembering my grandpa. I miss him all the time but the holiday's hit home for me. I have so many videos that seem to be at Christmas time and from my own memory I love reminiscing about the awesome Christmas's we had with him. I truly love looking through old photos of him and I. Having those make me so happy. The pain of that dreadful day is hard to forget. The way he left this world is UN-imaginable and having all the photos I have remind me of the beautiful and special moments I had with him. This is him and my grandmother ;)


Photographs are so special! So I am excited to help out with this project. If you know someone who is deserving of a photo session please click here to nominate them =)



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!